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Axel Hoedt - More from the series Once a Year (published 2013)

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Neon Sign Installations by Olivia Steele

Based in Berlin, Olivia Steele is an artist who uses light and neons to add meaning and irony to a place. She creates spiritual baselines we can interpret as we want, by working a lot on typography and the style of her letters. Her work is to discover in bars, in cities and on photographs.

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Drawings Of Floating Bodies by Artist Leah Yerpe

Brooklyn-based artist Leah Yerpe‘s charcoal drawings depict the true beauty and joy of movement. Her work somehow captures the both the constrains of human anatomy, and also the freedom we can experience in our own bodies. Her figures are twisted, but graceful; tightly bound, but free. Her figures’ faces are typically obscured, which leaves their expressions and emotions a mystery. Their poses could represent pain or ecstasy. They could be falling or flying. They overlap like elements in a collage, but the larger image is one of cohesion as bodies blend together to create beautiful new forms.

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Vibrant Portraits by Duarte Vitoria

Portuguese artist Duarte Vitoria creates oil paintings on canvas that release his unique style in a perfect and dramatic coloring.

A whirlwind of emotions and torments drags the viewer into his universe. Brushstrokes that seem to enlarge every detail, exaggerating the boundaries and definition of anatomical correctness and at the same time enhancing the expression of the body. A stumble of sensations between beautiful and ugly, good and bad that we enjoyed and hope you will as well.

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Fiona Tang

artist on tumblr

These Dark 3D Drawings Pop Out Of As Life-Sized Animals

Vancouver-based artist Fiona Tang draws 3D-looking animals that seem to pop out of large and perfectly 2D sheets of paper. Tang‘s multi-media artworks, created with charcoal, acrylic paint, conte, ink, and chalk pastel, usually focus on wild predators. Her darkly atmospheric and sketchy-looking style evokes terror, fear, anxiety, or sometimes just the mild melancholia of an unknown world.

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Photo Illustrations by Leslie Ann O’Dell

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Modern and retro collection by Matt Lipps

at Jessica Silverman Gallery

Matt Lipps’s photographic practice is heavily reliant on acts of appropriation. His pictures showcase meticulous, collaged dioramas, their elements sourced from the pages of disparate publications like Time-Life magazines or Ansel Adams coffee table books. After his choice images have been extracted, Lipps’s process involves re-organizing the cutouts into new compositions, which are defined by contrasting elements—anachronistic associations, juxtaposing scales, or a conflation of familiar iconography with obscure imagery. Lipps then photographs the staged montages against colorful, precisely lit backgrounds. The resulting photos are decidedly idiosyncratic as well as challenging; within Lipps’s reinvented contexts, the appropriated imagery questions ingrained hierarchies and categorical thinking.

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artist on tumblr

"I´m a Colombian Artist that makes Glitch, Collage Art, and post-production photography, inspired by the suprasensible world and surrealism."

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NuriaRiaza's Ballpoint Illustrations

artist on tumblr

Nuria Riaza's blue ballpoint drawings are meticulous, in every sense of the word. Not only are they exquisitely rendered with detailed, fine linework, but each piece displays the artist's very careful deliberation and composition (her grids of collected knick-knacks are a neat freak's dream). Riaza graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Politécnica in Valencia.

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Mircea Suciu

mircea suciu is a Romanian artist born in 1978. Predominantly working in oil paint and charcoal drawings, Mircea Suciu depicts solitary figures or groups—sometimes state and religious authorities—in spare surroundings and caught in moments of inner conflict. Fascinated by what he describes as “the absurd actions of man,” Suciu explores human foibles and existential problems in his work, pointing to the psychological terrain of his subjects. In one series of paintings, Suciu’s figures poke their heads through windows or into boxes, appearing to search for a way out, or their faces are otherwise obscured, suggesting states of alienation. The artist mines imagery from 1940s and ’50s advertising, reducing down the elements and adding symbolism, sometimes inflected with dark humor. Suciu’s work has been compared to that of René Magritte.

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Iconic Film Posters: Telling stories in simplicity by Peter Stults

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James Jean.

Recent work from the reclusive artist James Jean (Previously on Supersonic):

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Louis Savage - Studies for Pentheus

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Heather Heininge aka HHeininge (Portland) - 1: Get Free, 2014  2: Untitled, 2014  3: Untitled, 2014  4: Architecture IV, 2014  5: Divine Fem I, 2013  6: Mahatma, 2013     Collages